Witness the Fitness

 80 x 60 x 45 cm (1:10) : styrofoam, epoxyclay, steel rods, leather

„Witness the fitness“ combines the traditional fountain and the free outdoor gym equipments to create a „human fountain“-  a fitness oasis. The fountain was always seen as a power symbol, showing off wealth through the waste of a precious resource - water - and an impressive appearance. „Witness the fitness“ seduces with its fantastical and sweet presence to train on its machines and stage yourself at the same time.

Through a collective use of this „human fountain“ a choreography is conducted- a breathing structure. It becomes a tool for shaping- on the one hand of its surrounding, on the other hand of the bodies of its users. What leads to the comparison of the relationship between self-representation and representation of the state. How much do we perform and how much do we pose? From which point on can we be seen as commodity? What does it mean to shape you surrounding but also yourself?

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